Ashton Kutcher ve Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Selling First Home They Shared as Married Couple for $14 Million The celebrity couple first purchased the home for $10.2 million in 2014 Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been grabbing eyeballs lately. It is being said that they’ve been facing trouble in paradise. The couple was working on their dream house worth $14 million. Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and their two children enjoy some Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Los Angeles on July 19 [Bruce/Javiles / BACKGRID]. Ashton, 42, was spotted wearing athletic shorts and a ... Plus, this isn’t the first time Woman’s Day was wrong about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Last month, we busted the unreliable tabloid for claiming Kunis and Kutcher were getting a $315 ... Kunis said: “Boy, do I appreciate teachers.” Kutcher said: “I like me some teaching. We set up like a curriculum for the week, and we plan it out and figure out what the kids are going to learn like throughout the week. And so we’ve done various weeks. We’ve done a week on — the first week was like energy and electricity. The so-called 'insider' adds the spouses' two children played a big part in the reason why the Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis decided to sell their mansion in Los Angeles and permanently relocate ... mila kunis, ashton kutcher reveal they borrow parenting tricks from 'full house' 'I'm a fast song, to put it nicely. And he's the calming force in my life where every time I veer off,' she explained.

Mila Kunis has been a Hollywood MK ultra slave since she was 14

2020.07.13 23:44 sorryimveryhigh Mila Kunis has been a Hollywood MK ultra slave since she was 14

Mila Kunis famously lied about her age when she was hired for that 70s show, she was actually about 14 when the show started. When you consider some of the themes, and that a lot of her scenes were of her making out with a fully grown Ashton Kutcher you’ve gotta wonder how that’s even legal.
Why was a 14 year old immigrant allowed to mingle with fully grown Hollywood adults?
Look at her name Mila Kunis, MK = MK ultra? She dated Macaulay Culkin and we all know what he thinks about pedophile celebs. My guess is like most Hollywood couples their pairing wasn’t an accident, they probably bonded because of shared trauma
Now Mila is married to Ashton Kutcher, a man who she made out with on film from ages 14-20, if that’s not grooming idk what is. Meanwhile Kutcher has spoken about publicly against human trafficking and the exploitation of children(either feeling guilty, or being used to push the ideas that actors care)
Also just a bonus Ashton Kutcher was in a movie called Butterfly Effect
🦋 MK = Mila Kunis
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2020.05.29 00:23 tonnie_taller ‘Cheer’ Superfans Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Surprise The Cast During Zoom Interview

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The cast of “Cheer” had a virtual chat with comedian Whitney Cummings, who spoke with the members of the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team to find out how their lives had changed since the first season of the Netflix phenomenon began streaming six months ago.
The show became an instant hit, with numerous celebrities — including Cummings — declaring their fandom of the show.
What the team members didn’t know, however, was that Cummings had some celebrity surprises to share with them, starting with a special surprise visit from Michael Buble.
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However, Buble’s chat with the cast was interrupted by a surprise within a surprise when Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis suddenly popped up onscreen (the couple appear just after the 14:30 mark).
“Hi guys! We’ve been such a fan of yours. I don’t know if you know this but my husband and I are big Cheer fans so congratulations on your big win,” says Kunis. “You guys are awesome. You have the best coach ever. ”
Added Kutcher: “We’ve been working on the lift. I tried to launch Mila off the stairs. I‘ve only dropped her a couple of times.”
RELATED: ‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris Had Celebs Freaking Out On The Oscars Red Carpet
Also popping in to speak with the Navarro students were Laura Dern and Chrissy Teigen, with the latter sharing, “I wanted to reach out so badly because I wanted to go to your event but I wasn’t allowed to.”
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Starstruck! Celebs Who Fangirl Over Other Celebs

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2020.05.08 02:00 My_name_is_Bot Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis reveal what they’ve learned about each other while in quarantine

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2020.05.08 01:32 FreedomNewsPolitics Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis reveal what they’ve learned about each other while in quarantine

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2020.05.08 01:27 FreedomNewsPolitics Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis reveal what they’ve learned about each other while in quarantine

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2019.12.13 09:34 iminterestingplease Part 47.

It's starting to pick for the Christmas season but for how long?
7373.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(, red Phoenix bird, Skylab dates, Capital building shape changed again, Iridodonesis, St. Christopher now sometimes depicted with a mutant dog head because ancient people didn't know what a Caananite was, Schumann Resonances, Thinker is now eating his hand even more, Mandela Effect card game having answers inconsistent with present reality, meth invented in 1887 and common during WW2, big lakes showing on bottom of map of Australia and other big lakes, more geography changes, Area 51 wasn't near Roswell, Jingle Bell Rock new lyrics changes, Up On The Housetop new lyrics changes, European clown funerals, and other things.)(Video below.)
7374.(Music Lyrics change.)"Begging mercy for their sins."/"Begging mercies for their sins."("Satan laughs and spreads his wings."/"Satan laugh and spreads his wings.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7375.(History change.)Do you remember the last major plague being the Black Death in the 1300's instead of in China in 1850?
7376.(Real Life Quote change.)"But what you can do for your country."/"Ask what you can do for your country."
7377.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Indiana Jones' hat being shorter on the top than it is now?(Anything else off?)
7378.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bermeja being located in the Gulf Of Mexico instead of not existing?
7379.(Phantom t.v. show quote.)Do you remember Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek saying something similar to "Dammit Jim! I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker."?
7380.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Spider tailed horned viper, Great Wall Of China not one wall, The Thinker is not actually named The Thinker, truffles grow in the desert, naked mole rats can move their teeth independently like chopsticks, American Nazis saluted the American flag for 50 years, and other things.)(Video below.)
7381.(Town name change.)Gettysberg, Pennsylvania/Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,_Pennsylvania
7382.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ashton Kutcher starring in Friends With Benefits instead of Justin Timberlake?(Was Mila Kunis in No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher instead of Natalie Portman?)
Add-On: Do you remember candy canes not having such a complex history?
7383.(History change.)Do you remember Marty Jannetty getting kicked out of the window instead of being thrown out?
7384.(History change.)Do you remember Ramesses II not having a passport given to him in 1974?
7385.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ebenezer Scrooge being based on a real person?(Anything else off?)
7386.(Movie Quote change.)"All I need are some tasty waves, cool buds and I'm fine."/"All I need are some waves, cool buzz and I'm fine."("Way to go Hamilton."/"Alright Hamilton.")
7387.(Music Lyrics change.)"They like to get you there and smile in your face."/"A real life Pikachu laughs while in your face."(Does it sound like the former or the latter?)(Anything else off?)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
7388.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Nancy Pelosi not having such big boobs?
7389.(Spelling change.)Samarai/Samurai(Other spellings?)
7390.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I'm stuck with a day that's gray and lonely."/"When I'm stuck with a day that's grave and lonely."(Do you hear the former or the latter?)(Anything else off?)
7391.(Music Lyrics change.)"Lightning and the thunder."/"Lightning then the thunder."(Anything else off?)
7392.(Music Lyrics change.)"Cause I don't wanna remember."/"Cause I won't remember."(Do you hear the former or the latter?)(Any of their logos off?)
7393.(Music Lyrics change.)"And now it's when I kissed her."/"And that was when I kissed her."(Do you hear the former or the latter?)(Any of their logos off?)
7394.(Music Lyrics change.)"40000 million notches away."/"40000 million light years away."(Do you hear the former or the latter?)(Any of their logos off?)
7395.(Music Lyrics change.)"Since I met you."/"Since I left you."(Do you hear the former or the latter?)(Any of their logos off?)
7396.(Music Lyrics change.)"What happened to my cinnamon buns?"/"What happened to Miss Independent?"(Do you hear the former or the latter?)(Any of their logos off?)
7397.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the weird voice at the beginning of 1999 by Prince?
7398.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man not existing?
7399.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember I Am Legend having zombies in it instead of vampires?(Is the news interview scene different?)(Anything else off?)
7400.(Music Lyrics change.)"Every moment gets better."/"Every moment red letter."(Anything else off?)
7401.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ring of fire solar eclipses, legendary Aksum Empire, Hitler's talking dogs with poetry and religion, more population changes, Gombe Chimpanzee War, ground effect is enough to lift a vehicle, crocodiles can also climb trees, tigers have eye spots on back of ears, Tom Thumb was real, more moon landing changes, brown hyena, more orca changes, heavy and semi-heavy water, rough head grenadier, and other things.)(Video below.)
Add-On: Do you remember the Statue Of Liberty not standing on a platform or small tower?
Add-On: Do you remember "Fly! Fly! Fly!" being the new The Wizard Of Oz quote instead of "Now fly! Fly! Bring me that girl and her slippers! Fly! Fly! Fly!"?
7402.(Music Lyrics change.)"Gonna fly high like a bird up in the sky."/"Will he fly high like a bird up in the sky?"(Anything else off?)
7403.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember The Wash not being a thing?
7404.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Pavlov using a bell on his dog in his famous experiment instead of a metronome?
Add-On: Do you remember The Mystery Machine just saying Mystery Machine on the car instead of The Mystery Machine?(Were Velma's shoes a different color or style?)
7405.(Music Lyrics change.)"Pushing down on you."/"Pressing down on you."(Any of the other lyrics off?)
7406.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "See what you want to see" phenomena like the viral guy on the swing not being a thing?
7407.(Music Lyrics change.)"Voices of the angels."/"Voices of the angel."("Hear the angels' voices."/"Hear the angel voices.")("The angels did say."/"The angel did say.")(Was Angel always capitalized or not?)
7408.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Inka-Dink not being a thing?(Was Potato Man not a thing either?)
Add-On: Do you remember "I went for a walk" instead of "I've been for a walk" in California Dreamin'?
Add-On: Do you remember Fomoco not being a thing?
7409.(Song name change.)I Looked At You/The End(Any of the lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7410.(Celebrity death change.)Do you remember Emma Thompson dying while skiing with Liam Neeson instead of Natasha Richardson?(Anything else off?)
7411.(Fictional Character name change.)Marsha Brady/Marcia Brady
7412.(Music Lyrics change.)"My world turns upside down."/"The world turns upside down."(Any of the lyrics off?)(Any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7413.(Movie name change.)The Labyrinth/Labyrinth(Is the logo off?)
7414.(Music Lyrics change.)"Mad world."/"Enlarging your world."(Anything else off?)
7415.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ribbon lightning, bead lightning, more new sprites, Rock Of Gibraltar proof, Line Of Blaschko(Humans are getting stripes.), Vitiligo, Greater Adria, more cat nostril changes, spiders have pet frogs, African wild ass, more New York changes, more Washington changes, and other things.)(Video below.)
7416.(Spelling change.)Stupify/Stupefy(Stupified/Stupefied)(Aggitate/Agitate)(Aggitation/Agitation)(Habenero/Habanero)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)
7417.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Thin Red Line not existing?
7418.(Music Lyrics change.)"Might sound crazy what I'm 'Bout to say."/"It might seem crazy what I'm 'Bout to say."("Sunshine's here so you can take a break."/"Sunshine she's here, you can take a break.")("Clap along."/"Clap alone.")(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Anything else off?)
7419.(Music Lyrics change.)"Pick up the receiver."/"Lift up the receiver."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Anything else off?)
7420.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wasted days and wasted nights."/"Wasted days and wasted night."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Freddie FendeFreddy Fender)(Anything else off?)
7421.(Music Lyrics change.)"Make God as my objection."/"Regardless my objection."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
7422.(Music Lyrics change.)"He walked in."/"You walked in."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Any of her logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
7423.(Music Lyrics change.)"You know they won't win."/"We know they won't win."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
7424.(Music Lyrics change.)"That's the night that they harmed an innocent man."/"That's the night that they hung an innocent man."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Any of her logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
7425.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'll pretend my shit's not stinking."/"I'll pretend my ship's not sinking."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
7426.(Animal name change.)Morning Dove/Mourning Dove
7427.(Spelling change.)Femenist/Feminist(Anything else off?)
7428.(Famous Actor name change.)Annette Benning/Annette Bening(Other spellings?)
7429.(Movie name change.)Blues Brothers/The Blues Brothers(Anything else off?)
7430.(Spelling change.)Astroid/Asteroid(Other spellings?)
7431.(Island name change.)Catalina Island/Santa Catalina Island
7432.(Company name change.)Bartles & James/Bartles & Jaymes(Anything else off?)
7433.(Famous Singer name change.)Sammy HageSammy Hagar
7434.(Famous Singer name change.)Johnny Lang/Jonny Lang
7435.(Band name change.)The Commodores/Commodores(Any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
7436.(Song name change.)Johnny B. Good/Johnny B. Goode(Other names?)(Anything else off?)
7437.(Famous Actor name change.)Telly Savales/Telly Savalas(Other spellings?)
7438.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the E in Homeland being normal?(Were the Es in The Event normal?)
7439.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember The Fonz And The Happy Days Gang not being a thing?
7440.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Gilligan's Planet not being a thing?'s_Planet
7441.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Hannibal not being connected?(Anything else off?)
7442.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember the woman in the famous painting in Pleasantville not being completely naked?(Anything else off?)
7443.(Famous Singer name change.)Kenny Wayne Shepard/Kenny Wayne Shepherd
7444.(Movie name change.)Fifty Shades Of Gray/Fifty Shades Of Grey(Book too.)
7445.(Movie name change.)The Story Of Robin Hood And His Merry Men/The Story Of Robin Hood And His Merrie Men(Anything else off surrounding the history?)
7446.(Denomination name change.)Jehovah's Witness/Jehovah's Witnesses's_Witnesses
7447.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember it always being Merry Christmas instead and never Merrie Christmas?
Add-On: Do you remember Unusual Suspects instead of The Usual Suspects?(Anything else off?)("The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist."/"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.")
7448.(Phantom celebrity.)Do you remember Elinor Smith not existing?(Do you remember there not being women pilots who flew for Hitler as well?)
7449.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember the plane in The World According To Garp being red instead of blue?
7450.(Town name change.)Punxatawney, Pennsylvania/Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania(Other spellings?),_Pennsylvania
7451.(Music Lyrics change.)"In the white room with black curtains at the station."/"In a white room with black curtains near the station."(Any of their logos off?)(Was it something else?)(Anything else off?)(The White Room/The Killing Room)(Book too.)
7452.(Music Lyrics change.)"Café, café, café."/"Yeah babe, yeah babe, yeah babe."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Anything else off?)
7453.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's alright. It's okay."/"It's alright. That's okay."("You can look the other way."/"You may look the other way.")(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Smith & Western?(Remington/Reminton/Remington)(Anything else off?)
7454.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(100 stars vanish, WW2 GPS, dragon lizards have separate wings, Allais Effect, 76% of ocean animals are bioluminesecent, wet haystacks catch fire, Magellan did not circumnavigate the globe, black knight in Monty Python was based on real person, The Secret Of NIMH story was based on real events, bone marrow transplants change huge amounts of your DNA and make you a Chimera, blood transfusions can do the same thing and so they are irradiated, mitochondria can separate and fuse together in huge chains and networks, and other things.)(Video below.)
7455.(Famous Actress name change.)Diane Cannon/Dyan Cannon
7456.(Movie name change.)My Cousin Vinnie/My Cousin Vinny
Add-On: Do you remember Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots not having nametags on their backs?(Did the quote originally change to "My block was knocked off" instead of "My block is knocked off"?)
7457.(Phantom movie scene.)Do you remember there being a scene in Flight Of The Navigator where a UFO is flown through a McDonald's drive-thru?
7458.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Scooby Doo wearing a headscarf and sunglasses instead of a hat and regular glasses in the iconic scene?
Add-On: Do you remember "Now every gambler knows that the secret to survival." instead of "Every gambler knows that the secret to surviving."?
7459.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Psychic Pokémon being strongest other Psychic Pokémon instead of Bug Pokémon being strongest against them?
Add-On: Do you remember Snow White not being 7 years old?(Were the dwarfs and other things in Snow White not supposedly based on real events?)
7460.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Iboga not being a thing?
7461.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Chester Cheetah having an all-black nose instead of white too?(Was his snout less yellow and more orange?)(Anything else off?)(Coke II was now a thing.)(Pepsi AM was now a thing.)(Cheetos Lip Balm was now a thing.)(Frito-Lay Lemonade was now a thing.)(Philadelphia Cream Cheese is actually from New York and not Philadelphia.)
7462.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember E.T. pointing at Elliott's heart instead of his head in the iconic scene?
7463.(Music Lyrics change.)"No one's ever gonna stop us tonight."/"No one's ever gonna stop us now."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Fun/fun.)(Any of their logos look off?)(Any other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7464.(Music Lyrics change.)"I get high."/"I can't hide."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Anything else off?)
7465.(Music Lyrics change.)"Woke up to where time stands still."/"Welcome to where time stands still."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Any other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7466.(Music Lyrics change.)"So I set the world on fire."/"So let's set the world on fire."("We can go brighter than the sun."/"We can burn brighter than the sun.")(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Any other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7467.(Music Lyrics change.)"Cause I'm being sassy."/"Cause I feel sassy."/"Cause I'm the assassin."(Do you hear the former or latter?)(Any other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7468.(Music Lyrics change.)"Boy I've been watching you like a hawk in the sky that flies and you are my pray."/"Boy I've been watching you like the hawk in the sky that fly but(Does it sound like Boy?)were my pray."(Any of her logos look off?)(Any other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7469.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(What doesn't kill you makes you stronger quote, pride goeth before a fall, definition of Oceania has changed, ring shaped Atoll islands popping up all over, Jumping Frenchman Of Maine Syndrome, Irlen Syndrome, Mars sky is blue at sunrise and sunset, plants form memories, more weird volcano lightning, you can safely ride cows, most gummy worms have smiley faces, and other things.)(Video below.)
7470.(Logo change.)Do you remember the Air Force Crest having more stars than it does?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Tin Man not being rusty or dirty at all?(Tin Man/Tin Woodman)(Anything else off?)
7471.(Famous Singer name change.)Ace Freely/Ace Frehly(Did he never wear blue makeup?)(Did billboards in most places never say Regency on them?)
Add-On: Do you remember Dorothy having ruffled socks?(Did she have a white apron?)
7472.(New species.)Have you heard of the toadhead agama?(Have you heard of Nitinol?)(More weird aircrafts.)
7473.(New fungi.)Have you heard of the Lobster Mushroom?(Have you heard of the Chicken Of The Woods?)(Have you heard of the SweeTango(Sweet Tango?)Apple?)(Have you heard of the Cosmic Crisp Apple?)
7474.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Vincent arriving at the apartment and placing his gun on the counter in Pulp Fiction?
7475.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Greek Fire not being a thing?(Have you heard of the Claw Of Archimedes?)(Morpheus from The Matrix is based off a Greek deity named Morpheus.)(Medusa is now sometimes depicted with wings and the pegasus having wings was apparently inspired by her having them.)(One of the earliest depictions of a yo-yo is on a Greek vase from 440 B.C..)(Greeks call their country Hellas or Hellada and not Greece.)
7476.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being numerous surgery types where surgeons have to temporarily pull out the eyes and rest them on patients' checks?(They apparently have never been on record despite all the people in the forum.)
Add-On: Do you remember beatboxing not going as far back as the 1930's?(Did groups like The Mills Brothers always use real instruments before?)
Add-On: Do you remember Cruella De Vil wearing a white coat or white coat with black spots instead of a yellow coat?
Add-On: Do you remember the Tin Man not having having a dot on his head?(Did the Tin Man not have a collar?)(Did he have a hatch for where his heart should be?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember also not being able to jump cows?
Add-On: Do you remember Michael Jackson not having large hands?
7477.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Sea foam invades a town, Columbus' crew never thought the world was flat and were not afraid of sailing off the edge, Williams Syndrome makes people look like elves and act extra friendly, Dyschromometria, Super 8 logo changes, Stater Bros. logo changes, European bison and 2 kinds of American bison now, raining diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter, Saturn's rings are raining "ring rain" onto Saturn, weird UFO sightings, and other things.)(Video below.)
7478.(Music Lyrics change.)"So baby hold me closer."/"So baby pull me closer."
7479.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Marriott World Trade Center not being a thing?
7480.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Dan Aykroyd not being in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom?(Were George Lucas, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, and Steven Spielberg not in the movie either?)
7481.(History change.)Do you remember there being hundreds of suicides on Wall Street in the 1929 crash?
7482.(Company name change.)Rubbermade/Rubbermaid
Add-On: Do you remember Tin Man not having blue eyeshadow or lipstick?(Do they squirt the oil on him differently now?)
7483.(New species.)Have you heard of the Australian feral camel?(Was there not an overpopulation of camels in Australia?)(Was Australia not the origin for most camels found in other places such as the Middle East?)
7484.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the traffic lights in RECALL VECTOR's intro not having white outlines?
7485.(History change.)Do you remember there not being a 1939 Pro-Nazi event in America?(Anything else off?)
7486.(Snack name change.)Brazil Bites/Brazi Bites(Airheads/Airhead/Airheads)
7487.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Jackie Kennedy's blue collar on her dress also being pink?
7488.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Winnie The Pooh always having a red balloon or red balloons and never any other color?
7489.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember herbivores never eating dead animal bones?
7490.(Can't think of a title.) Do you remember there being a sequel to Batteries Not Included called Batteries Still Not Included?
7491.(Phantom movie scene.)Do you remember Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing the tuxedo to help Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo?
7492.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Little Caesars or Domino's making the Bigfoot pizza instead of Pizza Hut?(Did the Pizza By The Foot from Little Caesars not exist?)
7493.(Movie Quote change.)"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."/"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
7494.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Volcanic eruption turns brain to glass, Space Force logo looks like Star Trek logo, pet otters, gay Greek gods, more ice changes, aye-aye weird middle finger and 6th finger, invasion of crazy jumping worms, 30% of babies are born with hair and grow a mustache in the womb, women can store sperm for 10 days or more, Tartars/Tatars, Hogmoth larva, more human body temperature changes, and other things.)(Video below.)
7495.(Music Lyrics change.)"Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams."/"Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream."(Did he say "Coma" instead of "Karma"?)(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7496.(Video Game Quote change.)"Sorry but your princess is in another castle."/"Thank you but our princess is in another castle."(Was it something else?)
7497.(Spelling change.)Whoopie Cushion/Whoopee Cushion(Was it always the former?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mickey Mouse always having eyebrows?
7498.(Movie Quote change.)"They're coming to get you Barbra."/"They're coming to get you Barbara."(Just how he says her name that one time.)(Is it Barbara Cole or Barbra Cole?)("Look! Here comes one of them now."/"Look! There comes one of them now.")
7499.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Stretching is bad for you, Tully monster, Kiev turned to Kyiv officially in 1995, list of Hitler's drug habits, Shermer's neck, lasers can give you alien eye colors, spiders can catch and eat snakes, brainy scalp disease, separation of church and state not in Constitution, T-Mobile logo changes again, Supercuts logo changes, Sulfur Hexafluoride makes your voice deep, coyotes and badgers hunt together, and other things.)(Video below.)
7500.(New species.)Have you heard of all these "bird poop" and "stick-like" insects and spiders?(Have you heard of cliff honey?)
7501.(Store name change.)Lane Bryan/Lane Bryant
7502.(Famous Journalist name change.)Bryan Gumbel/Bryant Gumbel
7503.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Kobe Bryan/Kobe Bryant
7504.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Chrysler Screw Amphibian not being a thing?
7505.(Music Lyrics change.)"Like fire! Hell fire! This burning in my skin."/"Like fire ! Hell fire! This fire in my skin."("It's not my fault it's in God's plan."/"It's not my fault if in God's plan.")
7506.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Esmeralda wearing 2 earrings instead of 1?(Did the explanation for why she only wears 1 not exist?)
7507.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember this extended version of Pressure by Billy Joel not existing?
7508.(Phantom movie scene.)Do you remember Harrison Ford not being in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial?(Is the whole scene off?)
7509.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Muhammad Ali never having anything to do with saving hostages?
7510.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Hawaiian Eye not existing?
7511.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Lois Griffin not having earrings?(Anything else about her head look off?)
7512.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Lucy from The Lego Movie not having freckles?(Anything else off?)
7513.(Product name change.)Mamwich/Mannwich/Manwich
7514.(Company name change.)Troybuilt/Troy-Bilt(Was it something else?)
7515.(Rock Band name change.)Grand Funk/The Grand Funk/The Grand Funk Railroad/Grand Funk Railroad(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7516.(Folk Duo name change.)Simon And Garfunkel/Simon & Garfunkel(Was it one or the other or both?)
7517.(Rock Band name change.)The Butthole Surfers/Butthole Surfers(Was it one or the other or both?)(Any of their logos off?)
7518.(Pop Duo name change.)Bellamy Brothers/The Bellamy Brothers?(Was it one or the other or both?)(Any of their logos off?)
7519.(Rock Band name change.)Moody Blues/The Moody Blues(Was it one or something else?)(Any of their logos off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Boyz II Men not ever being known as Boy II Men or Boyz II Men?(Anything else off?)
7520.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember only the second R in Redrum in The Shining being backwards instead of the D too?(Were the letters dripping?) ("Little pig! Little pig! Let me in!"/"Little pigs! Little pigs! Let me come in!")(Is the full line off in any other way?)(Do you remember the axe being red instead of normal?)(Did Jack Torrance show his axe in the hole he created in the famous scene?)("Danny is not here Mrs. Torrance."/"Danny isn't here Mrs. Torrance."/"Danny's not here Mrs. Torrance.")(Was it something else?)(Is the bear scene off in any way?)("I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your fucking brains in."/"I'm not gonna hurt you. Wendy! Darling! Light of my life! I'm not gonna hurt you. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash 'em right the fuck in. I'm not gonna hurt you.")(The Shining/Shining)(Was the latter never acceptable?)
7521.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember The Big Bus not existing?
7522.(Music Lyrics change.)"Well they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles and they ran through the bushes where the rabbit wouldn't go."/"Yeah they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles and they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go."(Was it something else?)("Old Hickory said we took 'em by surprise if we didn't fire our muskets 'til we looked between their eyes."/"Old Hickory said we took 'em by surprise if we didn't fire our muskets 'til we looked 'em in the eye.")(Was it something else?)(Any of his logos off?)
7523.(Quartet name change.)The Four Tops/Four Tops(Was it one or the other or both?)(Any of their logos off?)
7524.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember Hercules In New York not existing?
7525.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Sabbath Mode on certain household appliances not being a thing and not going as far back as 1988?
7526.(Movie name change.)Omen/The Omen(1976 and 2006 movie.)(Anything else off?)
7527.(Song name change.)Children Of Korn/Children Of The Korn(Lyrics too.)(Anything else off?)
7528.(Rock Band name change.)George Thorogood And The Destroyers/George & The Destroyers(Was it one or the other or both?)(Any of their logos off?)
7529.(Music Lyrics change.)"She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on your doorway, but outside it starts raining."/"She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on your doorway, but outside it stops raining."/"She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway, but outside it stopped raining."(Was it something else?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7530.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Chimp dances and claps on beat with music, whale poopnados, more Thinker changes, fish that can sand above water with its fins and breathe air 3 different ways, Ancient Puquois in Nazca uses wind to pull water up from deep aquifers, Jimmy Carter collapsed in a marathon when he was president, babies should eat solid food at 4-6 months instead of 1 year, Lamproderma Echunilatum, Fugitive Slave Law Of 1850, the broomstick challenge, and other things.)(Video below.)
7531.(Song name change.)Be Cruel To Your School/Be Chrool To Your Scuel(Any of their logos off?)(Dee SnydeDee Snider)
7532.(Rock Band name change.)The Faces/Faces(Any of their logos off?)(Mamas And The Papas/The Mamas & The Papas)(Was it something else?)
7533.(Music Lyrics change.)"I never was one of them money hungry fools."/"I never was one of them money hungry fool."
7534.(Rock Band name change.)Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers(Was it one or the other or both?)(Anything else off?)
7535.(Rock Band name change.)Joan Jett(Jet?)And The Blackhearts/Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Add-On: Do you remember Gran Tourismo instead of Gran Turismo?(Was it something else?)
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2019.06.20 16:44 elisuret Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Mock Rumors They’ve Broken Up With Hilarious Video — Watch

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2019.06.20 14:32 amigokomashiangeljr Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher shut down rumors that they've split: 'It's over between us?' - Yahoo Entertainment

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2019.02.27 02:22 boopalooo Celebrity Name Opinions?

I thought this would be fun maybe! Any celebrity names you’re particularly fond of? Or absolutely can’t stand? Some celebrity baby names you’ve secretly added to your list and love or some you just don’t get at all?
Some I’m not a fan of:
Some I like:
What about you??
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2018.09.13 09:49 ramonchek 5 Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas

5 Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas
We’ve all seen that one Instagram photo: the one with a halo diamond engagement ring that has the caption, “I said yes!” Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Instagram post—it’s just that we’ve seen it many times over. If you’re not into a traditional Tiffany setting or the halo setting (the Tiffany’s modern equivalent), there are still plenty of engagement ring options for you to choose from.Many brides and grooms in the modern era are ditching traditions to make their weddings—and all of the accessories that come with it—truly their own. Here are a few ideas for finding that perfect non-traditional engagement ring that fits your personal style.

1. Go for Another Stone
The easiest way to set your engagement ring apart from the rest is to ditch the diamond. Whether you’re not a fan of the diamond industry because of conflict diamonds or you just don’t like the look of them, going with another stone is certainly a more colorful and non-traditional approach to the engagement ring. Go with your birthstone gem or a stone in a color that you often wear.
A pearl ring might be a good compromise if you want a traditional style without the cookie cutter look of a diamond. If you still want a diamond but don’t want the same old look, diamonds are increasingly available in other colors like gray, black, or even aquamarine.

2. Choose a Non-Traditional Setting
Jewelers are starting to catch on that not every engaged person has a one-size-fits-all kind of style. Luckily this knowledge means that there are far more options for you to get an engagement ring look that you really love. Though the popular pronged setting is perfectly lovely, there are definitely way more settings to choose from that may suit your taste a little more.
The bezel setting is a unique look where the stone is completely encased in a precious metal. This is not only a complete contrast to a typical pronged setting, but it’s also one of the safest ways to set your ring because it’s less likely that the stone will get damaged. (Bonus: the stone is also less likely to rip out your hair when you run your fingers through it!)
Another unique setting style is the bar setting, where the stone (or stones) sits between two thin metal bars. This setting is often used in bracelets, but isn’t seen as often in engagement rings. A bar setting allows the stone to catch a lot of light and gives the ring a really modern, sleek look.

3. Play Around With Unique Bands
The classic wedding band is usually thin, round, and typically plays second fiddle to the large stone. However, there is a lot of room to make the band the star of the show in order to get a truly unique look for your engagement ring.
Try a square band, which is quite a jump from the traditional round band. Square bands create a funky, geometrically intriguing look for your engagement ring and are supposed to have a much more comfortable fit. You could also go with an engagement ring that has several small stones all over the band, often referred to as a forever ring.

4. Go Vintage
If you love old-fashioned things and most of your clothes and home décor comes from an antique store, you might want to consider shopping for a vintage engagement ring. Grab your partner, set a budget, and check out the jewelry section of your local antique store or conduct your search at a weekend flea market.
Many vintage-obsessed brides are on the lookout for art deco rings, which are solitaire gems that are framed with handcrafted geometric metal. Cluster rings and floral rings, popular in the 1960s and 1970s, will also likely set your ring apart from all the solitaire settings that you often see on modern brides. Buying vintage will not only help you stand out from everyone else, but you’ll also have a really great story to tell about your hunt for the perfect ring.

5. Try a More Minimalist Look
Mila Kunis recently gave an interview saying that she and husband Ashton Kutcher spent a grand total of $190 on their wedding rings that they purchased on Etsy. Mila’s wedding ring is thin and minimalist. If you hate the idea of a really ostentatious ring or you’re worried about the expense of a traditional engagement ring, consider just going with a simple band. They’re cheaper, they match with everything, and they aren’t are often easier to replace.

Go With What You Like
Remember, when it comes to modern weddings, the new rule is no rules. Look for a ring that fits your personality, your budget, and one that makes you happy. No one even says you have to get an engagement ring — try a bracelet, necklace, or get a tattoo in lieu of a piece of custom jewelry. Whatever your style, make all of your wedding accessories fit you and not the other way around.
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2018.08.07 23:00 autobuzzfeedbot 42 Facts About Celebrity Couples That'll Make You Believe In Love

  1. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen fell in love on a vacation to Lake Como in 2007. During the trip, a tour guide took them to a spot on the lake and told them to make a wish. Chrissy asked for John to be the man she marry and have children with. Six years later, they returned to the same spot for their wedding.
  2. Despite it becoming one of the most successful love songs of all time, "All of Me" was actually written by John Legend as a gift to Chrissy a month before their wedding. And, despite being known for her ~snarkiness,~ Chrissy cried when she heard it.
  3. David Beckham knew Victoria was his soulmate before he'd even met her. After seeing the Spice Girls' video for "Say You'll Be There," he pointed to Victoria and told his friend: "That girl there? That's the girl I'm going to marry."
  4. When they finally did meet in the Manchester United player's lounge, David plucked up the courage to ask for Victoria's number. She wrote it down on a London to Manchester plane ticket, and he's kept it to this day.
  5. Ryan Reynolds realised Blake Lively was ~The One~ while they were dancing together in a deserted restaurant.
  6. For Blake, it was the realisation that Ryan is her best friend — the first person she's ever been with who she "likes" as well as loves.
  7. But after Blake gave birth to their first baby, Ryan reached new levels of love for her. Speaking in 2015, he said: “I’m not one for declarations of sentiment across the airwaves, but when we had that baby, I fell more in love with my wife than I’d ever been in my entire life. I couldn’t believe it.”
  8. Blake and Ryan also show their love through the gifts they give each other. Blake once gave Ryan a book of short stories written by loved ones. And he once gifted her a video compilation of all the people who have had an impact on her life.
  9. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi met backstage at an awards show, and for Portia it was love at first sight. “She took my breath away,” she later recalled. “That had never happened to me in my entire life, where I saw somebody and experienced all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry.”
  10. When same-sex marriage was legalised four years after they began dating, the pair tied the knot. On their wedding day, Ellen described Portia as: "My anchor, my safety. I'm going to be with her until the day I die."
  11. In fact, Ellen still can't believe how lucky she is to have found Portia. Speaking shortly after they married in 2008, she said: "Sometimes I'll lie in bed at night before I go to sleep, and I just say thank you to whatever, whoever, is out there."
  12. And Portia showed the extent of her love for Ellen when, on her 60th birthday, she acknowledged her wife's dedication to wildlife and set up a campus in her name which would work to save gorillas in Rwanda.
  13. Adam Brody and Leighton Meester might be the '00s TV show pairing of dreams, but they're notoriously private. However, during a Reddit Q&A in 2015, Adam was asked: "How much do you love Leighton?" He answered: "Infinity."
  14. Justin Timberlake frequently finds himself gazing at Jessica Biel and thinking that marrying her was the best decision he'll ever make.
  15. Mila Kunis' first ever kiss was with her now husband, Ashton Kutcher, on That '70s Show. At the time, the pair were just friends and not romantically involved. 17 years later, however, Mila revealed there was something there from the start.
  16. But Mila and Ashton began their relationship as ~friends with benefits.~ Several months into the arrangement, however, Mila realised she was developing feelings for him and so called the whole thing off.
  17. The next day Ashton turned up at Mila's house at eight in the morning, and told her: "Let's move in together." At first, Mila protested that he wasn't ready for such commitment so soon after divorce but then he laid down his trump card and said: "I'm not going to lose you."
  18. Will and Jada Smith prefer the term "life partner" to "husband" or "wife," because they've reached a point where there are no deal breakers in their relationship.
  19. What's more, they even designed their house with a circular floor plan to symbolise their never ending love.
  20. And, this year, they'll have been together for more than half their lives.
  21. Neil Patrick Harris met David Burtka on the street in New York when he bumped into a friend who was hanging out with David. Neil described him as a “brooding James Dean type,” and admired him from afar for years until the relationship ended and the “stars aligned.”
  22. Two years into their relationship, the pair were on their way to an event in New York. David stopped the car and led Neil out onto the street. There, he got down on one knee and proposed. At first, Neil was confused. But then the penny dropped — they were in the exact same spot as when they first met.
  23. These days, the pair talk on the phone "at least eight times a day" and text "25 times a day."
  24. Michelle Obama once said that the key to her marriage lasting was being in a "true partnership" with Barack, in which they both respected each other equally.
  25. And he said that he'd come to learn how to be "thoughtful," and "introspective" so that every aspect of their relationship was equal.
  26. But ultimately for Barack, his love for Michelle can be summed up succinctly: "She is my rock. And I count on her in so many ways, every single day."
  27. Ricky Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef both had exactly the same thought when they first met each other: “I’m marrying this guy.”
  28. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer first met in 1978 after her partner, John Cazale, died of bone cancer. She was invited to move into the empty apartment of her brother’s friend Don, who was away travelling. When he returned, she ended up staying and then getting married. Four children and 40 years of marriage later, the pair are more in love than ever.
  29. Oprah Winfrey and her partner Stedman Graham have been together for 32 years, and the talk show host maintains their relationship has lasted because he supports her rather than being intimidated by her.
  30. When she has to spend time away from Stedman for work, Oprah keeps an iPad filled with things he says to her for motivation.
  31. And her pet name for him is "Honey Graham."
  32. If it weren't for Orange is the New Black, Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli may never have got together.
  33. When Samira found out that Lauren was married, it was "like a little dagger in my heart," but she vowed to keep their relationship platonic out of a desire to "do the right thing."
  34. After telling her husband how she felt, Lauren spent a year trying to mend her marriage and going through couples' therapy. She had few other gay female friends, and so confided in Samira, and in doing so, fell in love.
  35. Once her marriage had officially ended, Lauren invited Samira to her new home. There, she gave her a ring which Samira now wears around her neck, and a card that said: "Will you be my girlfriend?" Three years later, they tied the knot.
  36. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell may have been together for 35 years, but they've never felt the need to walk down the aisle. Instead, Goldie says a successful, lasting relationship isn't about marriage but "compatibility and communication. You both need to want it to work."
  37. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard make no secret of the fact that marriage is hard work — but she likens the emotional labour to building a toolbox.
  38. But that's not to say they're not fans of the odd romantic gesture.
  39. John Krasinski was such a huge fan of Emily Blunt before they'd even met, that he'd watched The Devil Wears Prada over 75 times.
  40. And the feeling clearly came to be mutual when they did meet. According to Emily, she fell in love with "disarmingly fast" the moment she first saw him in a restaurant. Within 10 months they were engaged.
  41. Emily has credited much of her success to John's fervent belief in and support of her, which makes her feel "invincible."
  42. And, finally, John recently revealed that the "best days" of his life only started when he met Emily.
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2018.02.24 14:38 GraceAndMayhem A Smattering of Famous Oregon Trailers

Maybe you've found the work of some of these famous Oregon Trail Gen folks extra relatable, or maybe you haven't, but one thing is for sure, they're all in our micro-generation!
Aaron Paul, 1979
Adam Driver, 1983
Alexis Bledel, 1981
Alicia Keys, 1981
Alison Brie, 1982
Anna Paquin, 1982
Ashton Kutcher, 1978
Ben Savage, 1980
Beyonce, 1981
Bill Hader, 1978
Bobby Moinahan, 1977
Chris Evans, 1981
Chris Hemsworth, 1983
Chris Pratt, 1979
Christina Ricci, 1980
Claire Danes, 1979
Cobie Smulders, 1982
Colin Hanks, 1977
Danny Pudi, 1979
Donald Glover, 1983
Elijah Wood, 1981
Elisabeth Moss, 1982
Emily Blunt, 1983
Fiona Apple, 1977
Gaby Hoffmann, 1982
Gael Garcia Bernal, 1978
Gillian Jacobs, 1982
Jake Gyllenhaal, 1980
James Franco, 1978
James McAvoy, 1979
James Van Der Beek, 1977
Jason Segel, 1980
Jesse Eisenberg, 1983
Jessica Chastian, 1977
John Cena, 1977
John Krasinski, 1979
John Oliver, 1977
Jonah Hill, 1983
Jordan Peele, 1979
Joshua Jackson, 1978
Julia Stiles, 1981
Justin Long, 1978
Justin Timberlake, 1981
Kanye West, 1977
Kate Hudson, 1979
Kenan Thompson, 1978
Kirsten Dunst, 1982
Kobe Bryant, 1978
Kristen Bell, 1980
Lil' Wayne, 1982
Lin-Manuel Miranda, 1980
Liv Tyler, 1977
Ludacris, 1977
Macaulay Culkin, 1980
Maggie Gyllenhaal, 1977
Mena Savari, 1979
Mila Kunis, 1983
Milo Ventimiglia, 1977
Mindy Kaling, 1979
Natalie Portman, 1981
Norah Jones, 1979
Olivia Munn, 1980
Pink, 1979
Prince William, 1982
Rachel McAdams, 1978
Ryan Gosling, 1980
Sarah Michelle Gellar, 1977
Serena Williams, 1981
Seth Rogen, 1982
Sturgill Simpson, 1978
Taran Killam, 1982
TI, 1980
Tom Hardy, 1977
Usher, 1978
Zooey Deschanel, 1980
What other famous Oregon Trail Generation people do you follow? While lists of movie star birthdays are easy to find, people like musicians, directors, and dancers are tougher. I'd love to know about more visual artists, writers, scientists, philosophers, and leading folks in other fields born between 1977 & 1983.
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2017.10.10 20:57 autotldr Why Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher won't give gifts to their kids this Christmas She's Jewish and her kids are 3 and under

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 48%. (I'm a bot)
Don't mistake Mila Kunis for a grinch: The actress says there's a good reason she and husband Ashton Kutcher aren't buying gifts for their two children this Christmas.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher attend a basketball game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on Dec. 19, 2014 in Los Angeles.
"So far, our tradition is no presents for the kids," Kunis, 34, told E.T. "We're instituting it this year because when the kids are 1, it doesn't really matter. Last year when we celebrated Christmas, Wyatt was 2 and it was too much. We didn't give her anything - it was the grandparents. The kid no longer appreciates the one gift. They don't even know what they're expecting; They're just expecting stuff."
Mila Kunis in a scene from 'A Bad Moms Christmas'.
Since Kunis spent part of her childhood growing up Jewish in communist Russia and didn't have an attachment to Christmas traditions - until her family immigrated to the United States and started buying a tree for their own tradition.
"Whether it's Easter, which we've now all accepted into our Jewish household, or Christmas, it doesn't matter," said Kunis.
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Post found in /savedyouaclick.
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2016.01.29 23:03 MasterLawlz How come some actors are great in television but only okay/bad in movies?

For example, Ashton Kutcher gets a lot of crap for being a bad actor but he isn't at all. He was phenomenal as Michael Kelso. He played the "dumb, arrogant pretty boy" character very convincingly. Granted, a lot of the writing was good which helped, but in terms of pure acting he was awesome.
Same applies to Mila Kunis and honestly, a lot of the 70's Show cast. Mila was awesome as Jackie, hell she managed to outshine most of the cast and she started when she was only 14. But I've never been super impressed with her movie roles. I think she kinda sucked in Oz, which was disappointing.
But arguably the best example is Kevin James. I absolutely love The King of Queens, it was hilarious and his acting/delivery was great. But he's never been as impressive in movies as he was there. The only exception was "Here Comes The Boom" which, while disliked by critics, was a good family movie in my opinion, and I've seen the same opinion online. Not a masterpiece, but enjoyable and he did well in it.
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2015.01.10 01:34 tabledresser [Table] I am actor Kurtwood Smith. You might know me from a variety of roles over the years - from ROBOCOP to THAT '70S SHOW. My latest show is ABC's RESURRECTION. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2015-01-09
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What was working with Gus Van Sant on To Die For like? Did you enjoy making that movie? Well, to answer the first part, I enjoyed working with Gus very much. And thanks for the question, I rarely get asked about that one. I thought that was an excellent film. I thought that film did an awful lot for Nicole Kidman in terms of being viewed as an actress, as opposed to a movie star. I thought she was terrific in that film, and has been so terrific since then. I enjoyed working with her and everyone. Gus really gives you a lot of room to work in. He suggests things to you - doesn't insist on them - and really brings about an atmosphere that helps you to produce your best work, I think. Not that that's my best work, but I felt it was the best I could do at that time.
Is there a role or a subject you’d like to try that you haven’t done yet? I often get asked that, and I don't have a good answer. I've been fortunate in my career, and my current role, Henry Langston in RESURRECTION is a good example, that I've been able to do a variety of different parts. So basically, roles that are presented to me or that are suggested by my agents or manager I get enthusiastic about. I don't sit around and try to think of some role I've always wanted to play. But I've always wanted to play a private detective and I've never done that.
Who came up with the "My foot in your ass" bit? Oh, the writers! We had a stable of writers, led by Mark Brazil, who was the creator of the show. They came up with that. But all of Red's stuff was for the most part based on stuff the writers heard their fathers say, which is what made him genuine - he was based on peoples' fathers.
Which TV show/Movie was your favorite to work on? Again, I have a short list of my favorites, which would be (of course) RoboCop, Dead Poet's Society, To Die For, Citizen Ruth, of course '70's show which I did for 8 years and would still be doing if they let me...and I'm having a great time working currently on RESURRECTION.
What did you think of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis getting married? Well, I was surprised to say the least, you know. They were certainly friends & working colleagues while we were doing the show, but there wasn't anything romantic between the two except for what happened on camera. And also, at the beginning, Mila was so much younger than Ashton, so it was a surprise to me because I just never thought of them as an actual couple. But they're both really wonderful people, and I'm sure that they'll be a very happy couple and produce amazingly beautiful children.
If you could give your 18 year old self any advice what would it be? Also what was the most memorable part of working on that 70s show? Well, 18, that would be the year before I started acting, so I'd say: start now! Get in that extra year!
Probably the rehearsals? We would rehearse a couple days every week, and they were special, especially rehearsing scenes in the kitchen. It was very comfortable and we felt like we were doing fun stuff, although shooting the show on Friday nights was a totally different kind of experience because it was so much like an event - it isn't like anything else. Not like doing a play, not like doing a movie, or a normal TV show, because of the audience, and because the audience is very excited, it's kind of like being in a rock show or something, everybody is excited, energy flying all over the place. SO part of the trick of doing that is being able to do what you rehearsed all week while all this craziness is going on all around you!
You were President of the entire Federation. Why didn't you put a foot in the Klingon's asses when you had the chance? In all seriousness, you had several Star Trek roles in multiple versions of the franchise. Do you have any great memories or stories from your Star Trek days? Well, haha, unfortunately the President of the Federation didn't have those Red Foreman powers. Otherwise, I guess the movie would've had a different outcome. I really enjoyed doing STAR TREK. In particularly, the Voyager. I had a 2-part arc. That was really an interesting one. The other one, including the movie, mainly what i remember was makeup. Because you had to get there SO early to put it on, you had to stay late to take it off, and then you had to arrive early again, so I didn't get much sleep, and then during the day, both when I played a Klingon and the President, I had enough stuff on I couldn't even lay down or take a nap, so I mainly felt kind of exhausted.
Do you have kids? If so how often does Red come out to them? I have all kinds of kids. And I have actual kids, a son and daughter from my first marriage, and they (my daughter) has 2 kids, so I have grandchildren who are 7 and 10, and I have an adopted daughter, who was a foster daughter, who is currently in college, and then I have other people that feel like kids to me. My past assistant, my current assistant, feel like daughters. And when does Red come out? He doesn't. That would be a better question for them. I think if they ever saw Red, it would only be for the briefest moment and never addressed to them. I think my kids would say I'm not a shouter or a threatener.
I don't even know if that's a word. Threatener.
What's it like working with the cast of Resurrection? :) It's one of the best creative situations I've been involved in, working with these people.
Francis (who plays my wife) and I have great chemistry on set and I enjoy working with her very much and I feel that we make scenes better than they first appear (not to take anything away from the writers, because they probably have it in mind to begin with). Matt (who plays my brother) I always look forward to working with him - we give each other a hard time, and yet we really encourage each other work-wise, and this past year, working with Michelle (recently of GAME OF THRONES) has been a real treat. She's a wonderful woman and a great actress.
Tell me about Resurrection and why I should watch it. I've never heard of it before, what's it all about? Why did you decide to include yourself in the cast? Hahaha!
RESURRECTION is about what happens if people were to begin returning from the dead. Which is a pretty fresh idea, considering that the people are not zombies, but people who are just as they were before they left. What's interesting to me is that it covers what happens beyond that first moment of recognition - as time passes, how your life changes because of this.
I thought that the character that I play, Henry, is in such an emotional dilemma for the whole season, having his son return, and not being able to accept that, that I thought it would be a challenge to play. The kind of role i had to play.
You've played some seriously intimidating roles like in RoboCop and That 70's Show. Are people ever afraid of you in real life? I don't think so. You know, most of the time now, people recognize me. Back in the day, after I'd done ROBOCOP, people didn't know who I was. People didn't necessarily know me as an actor, but they would have an automatic flinch sometimes. Now people know who I am, so it hasn't happened in a long time. Most people realize you're an actor, and they are more interested in seeing you in that vein. But there were times in the past where I could tell people had a negative reaction to me, because they didn't know quite who I was, but there was something about me that made them nervous.
Hey Kurtwood, the trivia section of your IMDB profile says you're a huge fan of video games. Is that true and if so, what do you play? Well, here's the thing: I was a fan of videogames, especially back during That 70's Show, that was when I discovered them.
There's playstation and what's the other one? Xbox. Xbox gave me a box. And some games. And I got kind of hooked on them while I was doing the show, I had one in my dressing room and I would use it while I was sitting around waiting for my rehearsal time.
However in the last couple years, I kind of knocked that off. I think the last game I played was LA CONFIDENTIAL.
How did Red and Kitty make it work when they were so different? Well, I think that they - you know, often opposites attract. And I think that in Red & Kitty's situation, that was the case. Basically, they made it work because they loved each other, and that was always first and foremost with them, I think. You didn't see them smooching around a lot, or saying they love each other, but you could see it and you could feel it. And I think Deborah Joe and I had such a good relationship and chemistry that it helped that.
How scary will be new Amityville? I haven't seen it of course, so it's hard for me to say. I thought it was a good script. It's less gore-y and more scary. I understand they are re-shooting the ending, which came as a surprise to me. I'm not involved in the ending, so it won't affect me, but i have no idea why, but I understand it tested very well and maybe that was one part that didn't test as well. But I think it will be scary. Certainly worth seeing!
In a Q&A once, the writer of Robocop, Edward Neumeier, said that you were the nicest guy imaginable. However, during Murphy's execution scene, he said everyone on the set was pretty skittish and noticeably kept their distances from you. For that scene, were you aware if people were dodging you when the cameras weren't rolling? No. I wasn't. And I've never heard that quote before. That's very interesting.
Yea, that's very interesting.
Because that was shot later, most people knew me... but that's probably more of a testament to Ed's writing, Paul's directing, and THEN my acting... because Clarence was such a creepy - I mean, he was an enjoyable character, but at times, creepy, in particularly in that scene.
The gore that happens is - and Clarence's enjoyment of it is unnerving. If people were avoiding me, it was probably because i forgot to wear deodorant that day or something.
Thank you!! And man, you are one of the greatest screen villains of all time -- standing proud right up there with Darth Vader, Brick Top (Snatch) and the Edgar Suit alien (Men In Black)!! :-) Wow, that's great comparisons and thank you very much.
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2014.12.10 01:07 LukeTheEskimo Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are totally eskimo "bros" since they've both had sex with Natalie Portman.

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2014.10.30 21:31 TheBostonCalendar Halloween Events and More This Week from The Boston Calendar. Thursday through Wednesday, Oct. 30-Nov. 5.

The 52nd edition of a weekly post highlighting interesting events around Boston, from The Boston Calendar:
Tired of the Halloween house party scene? Sick of finishing just out of the medals in bar costume contests? There’s much more to do this Halloween weekend, so you don’t have to stay home and hand out candy to an endless parade of Elsas whose parents aren’t even much older than you and somehow can afford to own property in your neighborhood, and that is truly frightening.
  • River Bird Comics and Boston Comics Roundtable host a launch party tonight to celebrate the release of their Hellhound V: End of Comics anthology. Wait, are comics over? Where are we supposed to get source material for movies from, regular books? Ha, good one. Those don’t even have pictures. The party features a costume contest, sketch fights, and complimentary refreshments, and by that I mean they’re free and also they’ll say you’re funny and good-looking and they really like that sweater, is it new? 10.30. 6p. FREE
  • Opening Friday and running through March, the Vocal Vibrations exhibition at Cambridge’s new art and design center Le Laboratoire isn’t nominally a Halloween event, but come on, you’ve seen enough movies to know nothing good happens in a laboratory. The installation features specially designed objects that disembody (!) the vibrations provided by visitors’ own voices. You’ll listen to a Blue Heron Choir recording centered on a single meditative tone, then enter an intimate room containing a sensorial cocoon which closes around you as you hold the oRb, a magical ceramic sphere created at the MIT Media Lab. Then a stranger gives you a big, wet raspberry on your tummy. Or not, it’s all still pretty weird. 10.31. 12p. FREE
  • Class up your Halloween with the Boston Ballet’s Black and White Masquerade Ball during Friday’s performance of “Swan Lake” at the Boston Opera House. Attend in your best black and white masquerade attire, grab a complimentary mask, and ask yourself: Are you an Odette or an Odile? Or for movie fans, a Natalie Portman or a Mila Kunis? The answer is obviously whichever one isn’t real-life married to Ashton Kutcher. 10.31. 7:30p. $29 and up
  • Local bands dressing up and playing as other, more famous bands is my favorite Boston Halloween tradition that probably happens in every other city but let’s go ahead and claim Boston invented it, like we invented America. Some of this year’s highlights include Halloween at the Plough with Sleep Crimes (Blondie), Ghosts of Sailors at Sea (Fugazi), and Today Junior (Nirvana); T.T. the Bear’s Funkin’ Punkin’ Halloween with Solo Sexx (Salt-n-Pepa), Mumra (Primus), The Battleships Cometh + Hammer and Snake (Rage Against the Machine), The Kominas (The Ramones), and Lord Almighty (Turbonegro); and Vanyaland Halloween at Great Scott with Vary Lumar (Smashing Pumpkins), The Daily Pravda and Ruby Rose Fox (Lana Del Ray), and Pale Hands (Robyn!!!!!!). 10.31. Various times and prices.
  • What could be scarier than eating dinner in the dark and having no way of knowing if there are bugs in your food, or even worse, mushrooms? Part culinary adventure/part interactive theater, Dining in the Dark at Beacon Hill mansion The Hampshire House treats adventurous foodies to a four-course dinner tied together by a story and music, which hopefully isn’t just one guy somewhere in the room humming Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and can somebody turn on the lights and punch that guy, please? 10.31. 6p. $72
  • Lew Bryson, author of "Tasting Whiskey: An Insider's Guide to the Unique Pleasures of the World's Finest Spirits" and Lauren Clark, author of "Crafty Bastards: Beer in New England from the Mayflower to Modern Day" host the Boilermaker Bar Crawl where you can learn so much about the very alcohol that’s causing you to black out and forget everything you learned. The journey matches bars with breweries and stops at Deep Ellum with Notch Brewing, Eastern Standard with Spencer Trappist, Stoddard’s with Harpoon, and finally State Park with good old Narragansett, because at that point you’ll just want to drink something that comes in tallboy form. 11.1. 2:30p. FREE
  • It’s natural to crave chocolate around Halloween, so you buy a five-pound bag of Kit Kats for all the trick-or-treaters who might come to your fifth-floor walk-up apartment when you’re not even home anyways and hey, you can’t let those leftovers just go to waste. Instead, stop by Taza Chocolate’s annual Dia de los Muertos Celebration -- that’s Day of the Dead if you don’t have Google Translate handy -- featuring plenty of free samples, food trucks, a Slumbrew beer garden, and a mariachi band. Also face painters who can incorporate that melted chocolate that’s all over your face into some sort of design, so you can save it for later. 11.1. 1p. FREE
  • Burn some calories to make up for all the Halloween candy you and your dog destroyed (obviously you only give your dog non-chocolate candy, you’re not stupid and Necco Wafers are gross anyways) at Franklin Park’s annual Doggy 5K Run. Or if your “dog” doesn’t feel like “running” because it’s “still drunk” from the night before, there’s also a one-mile walk option. Everyone can enjoy a Howl-loween party and doggie costume contest after the race. Don’t forget to bring poopie bags! 11.2. 1p. $25
So many more events that don’t suck:
Have a great week!
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2014.07.14 05:51 Kevosabum [REQUEST]Cliche, but it's still a fun idea.

Hey there Redditors. As you can tell, I'm brand new to my account, I've been creeping Imgur for about a year and I figured it was time to make an account on both. Also, I need Reddit's photoshop skills for a sweet art project. My friend and I enjoy a good prank and I am house sitting for him this week. I plan on gathering his pictures, scanning them, and replacing his and his girlfriend's faces with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (or someone else that looks like her a fair bit.) I simply don't possess any visual artistic ability and would gladly be willing to broker a deal of sorts: cash, a video of me doing something funny, some sort of poem, really just about anything you request I am willing to fulfill, within reason obviously. Please get back to me, although I am on a tight deadline, he gets back Friday. Thank you for reading all of this and I hope to hear from someone soon.
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2014.03.29 19:09 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hey Reddit! My name is Brad Carter. I played "Charlie Lange" on HBOs TRUE DETECTIVE. I Had 2 brain surgeries last year, one of which I played guitar during and inadvertently made history and world news. I successfully funded a kickstarter to record an album. ask away!

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Questions Answers
Yeah, your accent was probably one of the best in the show. Did you work with a dialect coach or just pick that up on your own? Thanks! I just figured it out. I tried to do my best to keep him regional to a specific place in my mind. The writing helped as well., Nics writing helped lean him that way and I just took it further.
Look man, Reggie's crazy like for real! Ha! He's actually a really cool guy in real life. Charlie Halford. We became friends on twitter and actually watched the show together.
That's impressive. I thought they had picked up a L'eesiana native and let him riff on some of the scripted content. You did an awesome job convincing me! Thanks very much. That is a great compliment for an actor!
I donated to the video! Lookin forward to it! Oh wow! Thank you very much! it hasnt posted yet but I appreciate it!
I did it a while ago. We shot some tweets back and forth. Glad to see this AMA get some traction. It'd be bad ass to see Nic Pizalozatlotazolo(not even gonna act like I know how to spell it) use you and a lot of the other supporting cast in completely different rolls for the second season. Any chance of that? I would love that but aint countin on it.
We JUST learned about the meningeal layers covering the brain. That is fascinating that you felt that part. I am going to ask my anatomy instructor about that. I've seen specimens of it and the dura is REALLY tough and fibrous. I was in twilight for the drilling of the hole. I went out sometime during the screws being placed. When I came too it was just so strange and surreal that I kind of can't describe it. Sorry. Its like nothing else I know to compare. It's kind of like Im in this club of brain surgery people and were the only ones that understand what were talking about. My Surgeon thinks my particular spot where they went nto the dura happened to be a cluster of nerves that were particularly sensitive. Worst thing ever.
Enjoyed your performance in True Detective and really happy for your procedure and recovery. That's awesome! So what part of the surgery were you unconscious for? If it was in the beginning, was it disconcerting being woken up in that halo/head brace? I actually have a picture from that exact moment.
Brad I really appreciate your answers to this comment. Awesome insight. Great!
Any specific lines that you remember adlibbing? Um Reggie Motherfucking Ledoux is one for sure.
Me: "oh wow, the guy that played Charlie Lange is doing an AMA!" Friend: "Who?" Me: "REGGIE MOTHERFUCKIN' LEDOUX"! Friend: "Oh yeah, that guy was great!" Haha! Well at least I'm remembered for something.
What was it like being able to work with Woddy Harrelson and Matthew mcconaughey? The BEST! Working with them was like going to a master class in acting and professionalism. They are so seasoned and it makes you step your game up, or crumble. I hope I did the first.
I know you probably won't see this as your AMA is long over but I just wanted to say that your whole look and performance is a joy to watch, I love it when you show up in a role because you always are incredible. Im still here. Im really sick in bed so just hanging out with you guys on here. Thanks for the nice compliment. I try.
Seriously man, you killed that role. I was just talking with my boss about the awesome acting in the show, and we both thought you were one of the best. You made that character want to be seen more in the series. Edit: I hope you feel better and we see you in more stuff soon! Dude great! Thanks! Tell HBO! lol.
That's terrible they cut it out. I would have loved to see it (poor you, though). Do you know if there will be a lot of deleted scenes on the DVD? I have no idea what to expect on the DVD. I doubt they will show that though.
Ahhh you just made this guy squirm like a little fan girl. Stayed up all night (its 3am here) just to ask you. Why wouldn't they use those clips, they sound hilarious! Will rewatch the show another 50 times after this moment. Can't believe I got to directly ask an actor on my fave tv show from across the world. What an age we live in hey? Yes very cool! I guess they just didnt serve the vision in the end. I hope to one day get my hands on em, but aint holdin my breath. Thanks for staying up! Please sign up at my website so I can let you know about the album! Thank you!
Man that does suck. I guess they needed to save up the whole 'Holy shit, Woody isn't below beating the living shit out of people' realisation for those guys who tried to sleep with his daughter. That was a a really scary scene. In any case, thanks for the solid AMA man! My pleasure.
Wait what? Why was Woody beating you up? We were approaching it more like Charlie lost his mind at the news and hes trying to beat the truth out of me and I'm just saying f u to the world. It was AWESOME. Wish I had the clip.
Do you feel like your personality changed after brain surgery? Great question, No for me it didnt, but I hear that it happens and I was worried about it. Hopefully I didnt turn into an asshole and no one told me. lol.
But did you notice any minor changes? Like, did any foods taste different post surgery? No everything was good except my speech as a little funny for a bit.
What's the funniest thing that happened on set? Matthew kept telling me strange facts about Macon Ga. where I am from and I was believing him because he never cracks. I was all like "Really?" and then Woody busted out laughing and said "He's Bullshittin you man".
Were you super happy about Mercer's win against Duke? Pretty great! I have some best friends that went to Mercer.
Nice, it's a cool place for sure. Good luck with your music! I don't know about "Cool" lol.
Did you know how the season would end ahead of time? Did you have theories? Nope, I only got to read through first 5. I was glad so that I could be a fan with the rest of you guys. :)
Oh thats cool! so since you had to watch the finale like the rest of us, who did you suspect was the real killer? I actually never had a suspicion. My GF thought it was Marty for a while, but I didn't think that was right.
Do you still have the naked pictures of Dora? Hahah! Reggie stuck them all together.
I challenge you to a duel of your choice. Which is it and why? Well I used to be a good shot till my tremor got bad. So maybe the first one to make out with Mila Kunis wins?
Oh fuck you. Hahaaa.
What was it like working It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? THE BEST!!! Actually it was my 2nd TV show ever and was really cool getting to see them all work up close. They are like an amazing well oiled machine. Actually Glen tweeted me not long ago during True Detective and was very complimentary. my twitter is @TheBradCarter.
How long did it take to shoot your scenes overall? Ive been rewatching these over again, and only enjoying more and more, your character has been portrayed so real, i just cant stand it, haha. Hi Kristine! Guys this girl made an awesome painting of me! GO check it out! Link to It took 14 hours :)
You were superb as Charlie Lange as were all of the key supporting players...would you agree that TD reinvented television to a certain extent? ABSOLUTELY Already I am hearing our show referenced when people are pitching new shows. I think it raised the bar for what scripted TV should be. I for one am extremely proud to be part.
I love the set up of the shower. Each season is different, so you know that anything can happen. The biggest pitfalls of my favorite shows (Dexter to be specific) is that they run too long and nose dive. TD stayed fresh and provided great closure. Agreed. England seems to have a better grip on having a show go out on top than we do.
McConnaghy says in that scene "We aint gonna give you the oscar no matter how hard you try" But you should get it. Fuck McConnaghy. Bahahah! Well, If only they gave Oscars for supporting characters on mini series. Thanks man.
They are actually submitting to the golden globes as a tv show - drama. Not a mini series. We should start a campaign to get you nominated!!. Hey I like your attitude!
Who smells better, Matthew or Woody? Haha. well I know matthew gets a lot of grief for not using deoderant but I didnt notice.
Hi there. Charlie Lang was a great character! You made him so real--like we would have liked to watch his whole story as well. What is it like working on a TV show--how many takes do you do in a role like Charlie Lang? How often did they make you freak out about Reggie LaDoux? :) THanks! We shot both my scenes in one day. It was raining in New Orleans so they were trying to do as many interiors as possible. I was on set a total of 17 hours. We shot around 14 of that. I was in EVERY scene so at the end you can imagine was quite exhausting to freak out about reggie for that long. I gladly earned my stripes that day. :)
Damn 17 hours? That's an awful lot. Is this common to shoot conversation scenes so long? Also thank you for your amazing portrayal of Charlie. I'm rewatching your scenes quite regularly I would say we shot 14 hours., there is a lot of work that goes into getting all the angles and each persons coverage. this however is not common in quick turn around shows like CSI, they just dont have the time.
How much did you get paid for 17 hours of work? I don't remember. You get a flat rate but after a certain amount of time you get overtime.
, you were great on True Detective. It seems like HBO shows always have lots of talent in supporting roles. On to the question. I saw in one of your earlier responses that you didn't know how the season would end. What were your thoughts on the finale? Did you feel that there could have been a better ending? Did it feel fitting? How did it mesh with the expectations that you built up? THank you! Well I think that a show like this sets expectations so high that its almost impossible to please everyone with an ending. The show was never about the case so much as how the case affected these to men and their lives and relationships over the 17 years. This is why I loved it. It was character driven and didn't rely on a crazy twist or anything at the end. Everyone was expecting something at the end but I think the show was never about that. My friend writer Susan Burke said it best, "I wish True Detective had a twist ending" sounds the same to me as "I wish this finely prepared steak came with never ending nacho sauce." @ThatSusanBurke.
I heard you and Reggie Mutherfuckin' Ledoux watch True Detective together. Is this true? If so, does he whisper weird shit to himself? I seriously hope you two are back for season 2. Yep that's true. We became friends on Twitter after the first couple episodes. Charlie is actually working on a pilot in atlanta right now so we didnt get to watch the last ep together. He's a great guy we wont be back. :( All new cast.
Did you want the first season of TD to go on forever like me? I don't think I've seen a show which is as compelling for a very long time. Yes I was sad to see it over so soon. Me an the guy who play Reggie, (Charlie Halford) became friends and actually watched together at my place. I think we both agreed that it was better to have a show like this with an ending. THere is a satisfaction in it that you dont get when show goes on and on and loses steam. This is why Im so glad breaking bad always had an ending in mind. It left me satisfied and not bitter. :)
Hey,there.When you showed up in True Detective,I recognized you are the one who played Felix in Smashed(I have a good memory:)).Both of the works are excellent and thanks for your great acting!Here are my questions:What's your most impressive memory in True Detective?Can you describe the scene when you are acting with Matthew and Woody? Hey well Thank you first of all. My most impressive memory is of how much I LOVE New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and getting to work with those 2 guys all kind of blurs into one great memory. They were 2 of the nicest guys there are. I can't say enough good things. Woody was really kind and complimented me many times. He even shared his RAW Vegan concoctions with me :)
Thanks for your replying.I am looking forward more works of you.Wish you luck all the time:) THank you! please check out and be sure to sign up at the fan club so I can let you know when the album is ready :)
You were one of the stand-out characters on the show, and I loved the scene where you were chained to the floor screaming about Reggie. Thanks for taking the time for an AMA. As both an actor and a fan of the show, what did you think of the one-take heist scene? Thank you! I loved that scene! I was on the edge of my seat holding my breath and stressed out. Thats how you know somethings good.
It's so amazingly regional. I am from a small town in Minnesota and there really are such things as a certain town accent. It's so weird. Agreed.
Who was your favorite character in the show besides Charlie Lange obviously? I loved both of the lead characters. I thought they had so many layers and it sucked me in. I really LOVED Shea Whigham as the Preacher. if you didnt see his full sermon uncut you should.Link to
Shea is an awesome actor, I'm glad we're seeing him in more and more stuff these days. Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire gave him a lot of screen time and he absolutely killed it. Agreed.
Brad, you were great in TD! And i just found out recently you were in one of my favorite games of all time RED DEAD REDEMPTION...awesome! How different is the experience of voice acting for a game compared to acting on TV or in a movie. Also what is/ or some of your favorite movies or tv series? Thanks man! Wow thanks! Yeah I did that in 2009. It was so fun! It is AWESOMW wearing the motion Capture suit and seeing yourself up on the huge screen walking around as little balls. They would put boxes and stuff around and say, here is the door,. here is your cell, here is the horse. and you look up on screen and can see those things. CRAZY It is different for sure, but you are still acting and reacting to other characters. just in a whole different environment with other dudes with beards wearing tights. lol.
If you were trapped on an island and could only bring two people you've worked with, who would it be and why? Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She's smart and kind. Jes Macallan because she is gorgeous and funny and a great friend. See? if I bring 2 women we can populate the island with our children. Not bringing a dude!
Did you experience anything strange during the surgery? Changes in perception or consciousness? Shit like that... Thanks! I had 2 surgeries. The first one that got famous was not as successful as they hoped. SO had to do again 4 moths later in sept 2013. both were around 7 hours long. It is surreal. its a long time to have your head in a HALO and not move it. it all becomes rather strange. I lost my speech many times and impaired it many different ways. This is the scariest thing. It was just straight up horrible. Since they are working in my Thalamus, the movement spot is beside the speech spot and a few micro meters too far and you get speech impairment. After the surgery they start dialing and tweeking the controler in my chest. This sometimes causes impairment as well.
I am Brad's dodgy thalamus. Seriously though, glad you are fine. Actually a funny story is I named my cat "Thalamus" 4 years ago before I ever even knew that my movement disorder was in the Thalamus. True Story.
Hey there. Great spot on True detective! This might be a weird questions, but after having brain surgery where you were able to play guitar (which is awesome), do you believe that your brain is the same thing as your mind? Whoa! well I think that the brain is the most amazing thing on the earth. I feel like the "Mind" is more a figurative term we use to explain how we feel, think, etc,. Like saying "my heart aches". So I guess I would say they are sort of separate.
That is actually a fantastic answer! Thank you for replying :)
Hey! who are your biggest musical influences? Anyone you're listening to now you can recommend? Hi! Well in my life, the biggest influences were Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. I am a HUGE David Gilmour fan. I used to only do electric guitar but I hurt my shoulder when I was younger and started playing acoustic more so I could sit down. So I just became an acoustic guy. I played in bars and clubs in bands and solo for many years in the south before becoming an actor. Right now Im really into Nickel Creek Tom Brosseau Avett Brothers Wood Brothers Jamestown revival and of course BLACK KEYS.
I just saw Tom Brosseau last month! He is amazing. I am now a fan of you too! I love me some TOm! He will do a cameo on my record :)
Is that legit happening? how cool!!! Yep! Tom even gave some rewards on my kickstarter. He brought me a gift after both surgeries. Hes the kindest guy there is.
He really is. Such a sweet, small town guy. He is a throwback to a different time. He's just a travelling story story teller and he absolutely blew my mind when he played 'how to grow a woman from the ground' live. I was hiding tears from my bro who I brought out to the show on a whim. Ha! Whoa! That is my favorite song he does! He dedicated it to me at the Largo not long ago.
Dang, I have some serious envy going on right now. Hey, if you are doing a vinyl release of your album, ask him who he used to press it. Grass Punks sounds amazing on wax. One of the best sounding records I own. I will!
My dad's having the same surgery you had in about a month. Any advice on how to prepare or knowledge about what the doctors don't tell you? Whats his condition? ET or Parkinsons?
Parkinson's. Ok well that involves the Subthalamic nucleus. STN. I just want him to know that I am proud of him for doing what he can to get some relief, even though it is scary. I have said before, I would rather risk something going wrong to try and help myself over always wondering because I was scared. tell him I had to do it twice because it didnt work the first time. But dont let that scare him. had I not tried again I wouldnt have the good success I am getting now. Its not perfect but its sssooo much better. In fact if you write me at [email protected] I will take more time to answer this for you and he.
Hi. Loved you on True Detective. What was it like working on the show while trying to manage your music career ? THank you! Well we filmed in feb of 2014 and at that time I had not had my brain surgery. So I had zero music career because my hands were too shakey. I am so grateful that I am given a second chance. :)
You filmed last month ? you mean 2013 ? I meant 2013 a year ago.
Hi, Brad—glad you made it through your surgery and are doing well! I started playing guitar when I was a kid and am still not great at it. How old were you when you started playing guitar, and what's your favorite song to play? (Great job in True Detective, by the way; I loved your performance). Hey! Just keep it up! I started playing in 1988 when I was in 8th grade. I learned by ear and am self taught. cant read music regrettably. I would spend 4 or 5 hours in my room every day playing along with my favorite influences which at that time were, Cream, Clapton, Pink FLoyd, Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, Van Halen when they were still worth a shit. I would say I was at my peak when I was 18. lol
Could you feel them working on your brain? And thanks for being here love the show by the way XD. Yes you can feel it. its crazy. there are no pain receptors but you can feel sensations. you can feel pain when they enter however. AWFUL. like an explosion.
Your a trooper dude and thank for the reply. Yep!
What is the best advice ever given to you? "Success is when opportunity meets preparation." Told to me by my acting coach. "Don't shake it more than twice or youre playin" Told to me by some stranger at a urinal when I was 5.
Hi, great work on the show ! Did Nic Pizzolatto was present on the set of TD ? would he and the director interact a lot while filming ? EDIT: any info on season 2 you can share ? Yes he and Cary the Director were there. Nic was also the showrunner so he was very hands on and he and Cary worked together. Nic, is an amazing writer and was a college professor before screen writing. He is a badass.
Is it weird that I found you so attractive as Charlie? I don't know what it is, but there's something about a deep fried accent and neck tattoos. Loved your character, you were great! Hahaa, well thanks! I know my Mom is glad those tattoos washed off ;)
How close is the album to competition? You don't have any acting credits before 2005, did you have any other jobs before this or was that when you were doing the commercials? THe album is 7 song in! Im so excited! its going great. I am working with a cool producer named Jim Roach and he has his own label called Red Parade. We are looking at doing about 12 songs. You can sign up for a news letter about it on my website. I booked my first commercial in november of 2005. I moved to LA in 2003 having no acting experience. Before that I graduated in 2007 with an art degree from Valdosta State University in south Ga. I played in bands and solo to make money in shithole bars for years after that to live on. I worked at Toys r us, Red Lobster, waited tables at a mom and pop place, A gym, a convenient store, construction, was a radio morning host for a bit till I got fired. lol ( It was hard doing that at 6am when I had played guitar till 2 AM.
Hey Brad! I'm from Valdosta and went to VSU at the same time you did! What shithole bars did you play at? Remerton? And what mon n pop place? Love you in TD. I quote you every chance I get. Cool! I worked at Peachy Keen in remerton. Its the pink building that is now a Ben Owens music run by my old bandmate Ben Owens. I played, 5 foot franks, Deli Bar, Grouchos, Whatever else it was called, some biker bar out near the highway, Charlie Ocourleys, Millhouse, whatever millhouse became, a couple other spots in remerton. Mellow mushroom.
I know Ben! Crazy. Mellow Mushroom is now a drunk sorority girl haven where they do the two step. I'm sure we have O'Corley's people in common. (Strayhorn or Stubbs?) Hell man I can't remember. it was when it was at the first location. oh and also used to play that buffalos that became the new ocourleys.
A picture of your brain or a picture of your face while they were poking through that thing? Both.
Link? Reddit loves gore it seems. Scroll down. there is my brain. I dont have the other pic uploaded.
Link to
A 'hella' cold? Are you from the Bay Area? No I got it from Cartman on Southpark and my GF who actually if from the bay area.
How's the record coming along? Do you have any tv or movie projects in the works? Great! got 7 songs done so far! Please sign up at my website so I can let you know more! No TV right now., I wrecked my motorcycle and am on crutches a while. BUT there is something AWESOME in the works and I will know more next week. I could very well be the host of something AMAZING.
What's your drink of choice? Well I cut out liquor in 2004 because it absolutely turned me into a bad person. BAAADDD So I'm a beer guy now. I love a good HEF, or a nut brown ale. Really love Hoegarden, Im always trying new beers at my spot up the street. Thats why I can't get rid of this beer GUT.
I love a good HEF, or a nut brown ale. Sounds snooty. Haha, not like good ole LoneStar.
Which we can't get in California. Yuengling, either. Snooty's pretty much all we have. You can get a strawberry ale before you will find lonestar.
O.O Which is exactly what we picked up last night...! Creepy. Im in your head.
Harrelson or Mcconaughey? Depends on what the rest of that question is...
Who would win in a fight? Well Matthew was coming off of Dallas Buyers Club so he was really skinny, so I would have to give it to Woody.
What can you tell us about season 2 ? Anything ? I can honestly say I have no idea. Nic is hard at work writing it up. It's going to be completely a different story. Cast.
This is such an honor, I loved your character in True Detective. Any upcoming film or TV projects in the works? Edit: Any projects you're feeling especially excited about? THank you! I am recovering from a motorcycle crash so not at the moment. BUT I am talking to a production company about possibly hosting this AMAZING show. I cant say more but if you sign up at my website I will be sure to let you all know. :)
Hey Brad - I hear you're going to be in a documentary? What's that all about? ;) Yep I better go add that to my list. I knew I forgot something. Its a documentary called Kickstarted! go check it out!
How old were you when you first learned to play guitar and how did you learn? What was the first song you could successfully play? Which actor who you have worked with have you been most impressed by? I was in 8th grade. I think the first song was "It's only Love" by Bryan Adams. lol God BLess Power chords. I loved working with Woody and Matthew equally. I was really impressed with them both. I have worked with many actors but these stand out.
of all, awesome show, TD was the best thing I've seen recently. Your haircut in that show was unstoppable! Were you happy with how the series ended? I felt like everything worked out a bit too well in the end. Also, who would you pick for Brad Pitt's partner next season? THanks! For Brad Pitt? I would go with Ashton Kutcher. Kidding. Hmmm. well I think Ian McShane from Deadwood would be BOMB. I was happy. I answered a similar question somewhere below. I felt satisfied in the end. I would have like to see Rust die though.
How great is Alexa Fogel's taste in actors? Awesome as Charlie Lange!!! The BEST! Are you an actor?
Great job in TD! Sorry to parrot everyone else but you nailed it when you played Charlie. How does it feel to have your own catchphrase ["Reggie motherf***ing Ledoux"]? Hahah! Well pretty great considering that was just an improv on my part. I was surprised people like it so much.
Your bio says you are from Ft, Worth. Did you live there long? Did that help you get the TD job? I noticed a lot of people in TD were from TX or LA. I was born there, but only because my father was attending seminary there. They moved back to Georgia when I was 1 so really I claim Ga. as my home. There were a lot of local hires from the Louisiana area.
Hey I just wanted to say you were awesome in True Detective. Why were you playing guitar during brain surgery? Also did you feel anything during the surgery? Not in your brain, but in how you felt emotionally or how playing guitar felt? I brought my guitar because I wanted to see it work in real time . The Dr. thought it would be a good idea. We had no idea that it would get so famous and viral. Emotionally it is all quite draining. You dont know if its going to work and its a lot of prep and just really draining.
Hey Mr. Carter, thanks for the AMA! My question: Do you enjoy doing music or acting more? Would you prefer to hear your music used on a TV show/movie or acting in one? Well I love acting and alway wanted to be an actor. I didnt start till I was 29. I played music since I was a kid so it is closer to my heart. it is personal. it is something where you have total creative control. Its true art and expression at it's core. To be able to have this surgery and be given more time to do this thing I had been missing is a miracle and a blessing. I don't plan on wasting a moment of it. I wasted a lot of time not doing my music before and I don't plan on letting that happen again. I would LOVE to hear my songs in TV/Film!
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