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Gaming Community Manchester

2019.02.19 18:02 SureFruit9 Gaming Community Manchester

Hey everyone!
Our game studio Tri-Heart Interactive is a Manchester based game studio and we are looking for feeback and QA testers for our game The Otterman Empire.
We're a studio built on community feedback and have been making the game for over a year, and are building the game based on feedback from the gaming community and are looking for people's thoughts and feedback on the many aspects of the games development and looking for people to come do QA testing for the game.
We post daily content on our Discord and have just created a Reddit page and would love to hear what you all think.

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2016.08.24 20:58 Hovercorn Weekly Update 8/24

Hello everybody! As a gamer I know I love when the developers talk to the community especially while they are making the game. I came up with the idea that we would do a weekly update letting you guys know what we are working on, release dates of updates, and pictures of what we have done so far.
Currently AskMeAboutRepentance and -u-words are working on getting the basic dungeon generation complete.
Mishakiara is currently working on making more decorations and variants designs of floors and walls.
Community Management
I, Hovercorn, have being posting on indie subreddits to get exposure and grow the community, gathering all the alpha testers into a document, and other write ups for the future.
Alpha Testing
We haven't released the alpha for the signed up testers yet but we are hoping to get it an alpha version out in a month.
We have a dungeon's room made by Mishakiara
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